At PrimaryCare Indy, we believe that primary care is one of the most important services that we can offer to help our patients manage their existing medical issues and stay healthier in the long-term.

Who should consider primary care? In short, everyone can benefit from seeing a Primary Care provider! We have a team of trusted and experienced medical professionals who are available each week throughout the year to care for new and existing patients.

There are two simple goals that our providers have in mind for each patient: (1) To prevent new health issues from developing; and (2) to manage chronic and existing health conditions. As you begin to see one of our providers on a consistent basis, we can help you manage existing conditions and keep an eye on risk factors to your health over time.

Ultimately, our passion is to see you stay healthy and begin to enjoy a higher quality of life! Learn more about the benefits of Primary Care by reading below. And don’t wait — request your Primary Care appointment today!

  • Did you know that many insurance providers allow for one FREE annual preventive exam per year? This is a great opportunity to check your medical status (blood pressure, physical exam, cholesterol, diabetes status, and more). Check with your insurance provider for more information, or call us today at 317-785-0549 to learn more.
  • Our providers are available so that patients can see the same provider they are comfortable with during the year. At PrimaryCare Indy, you can see someone you trust and know that they are keeping up with your best interests and overall health.
  • Every doctor knows that “continuity of care” is a crucial aspect of medicine. Without a trusted medical professional to monitor your health consistently, treatments may not be as effective.

  • Thanks to advancements in medical technology, many medical conditions can be reversed before causing harm if they are found early enough. This is why every adult can benefit from seeing a Primary Care provider throughout the year!